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Why does applying aromatherapy as soon as you injure yourself work better?

Posted on: November 30th, 2017

We all injure ourselves at some point in our lives.  Active sports people often overdue it and “pull a muscle”, gardeners are prone to “bad backs” and “strained tendons”, even non-active people can  fall and slip over leaving bruising and sometimes a fracture.

The soft tissues in the area of pain are easily damaged. Immediately after the injury, there are disrupted fibers of the affected muscle, tendon, and/or ligament. Additionally, the tiny blood vessels (capillaries) that normally supply blood and oxygen to these tissues are broken. The broken capillaries then leak varying amounts of blood and serum into the adjacent tissues. Therefore, soon after a soft tissue injury, localized swelling occurs. The injured tissues become painful and tender, both directly from the trauma to them and indirectly from the subsequent swelling. This leads to the stiffness, pain, and tenderness that so often accompany the inflammation of tendinitis, bursitis, as well as strain and sprain injuries. It should also be noted that even a bone injury (such as a fracture) is typically accompanied by injury to the nearby soft tissues.

Aromatherapy, if properly blended using the highest quality essential oils, help because their properties are anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and analgesic to help with the pain. They speed up the bodies healing process, encouraging the lymphatic system to work more quickly to “clean” up the the “leaking” that occurs from any broken capilleries reducing the swelling and bruising which leads to stiffness and more pain.

The sooner it is applied the less damage to the soft tissues. A quicker recovery means you’ll be back at the gym, in the garden or back at work being productive a lot quicker than you would have anticipated.

“I have to tell you the amazing results I have obtained – yet AGAIN – from this marvellous product.  I had a bad fall last week, which left me with a badly-sprained wrist and severe bruising.  Remembering Cheryl’s horse-riding accident, I applied BE Relieved as soon as I got myself home, and massaged my wrist and my bruises. I re-applied regularly for the next few days. The result was faster healing and pain relief than I had thought possible. Thank you AGAIN for your wonderful products.”  Helen.

“I also meant to extol the virtues of BE Sport in preventing bruising.  Last winter I went on to my balcony in the early hours of the morning, having been woken by a major storm and the wind blowing over my precious pot plants.  Being me, I decided I’d better move them or by morning many would be lost.  I was wearing a dressing gown and some new slippers.  Big mistake  – the slippers apparently had no grip.  My feet literally flew out from under me on the wet balcony tiles and I flew into the air, landing very heavily.  Instinctively I had tried to protect my right foot, which had been reconstructed due to arthritis only 6 months before.  As a result I twisted my left knee but most of my weight landed (Fortunately) on my well-padded bottom!  However, my lower back was badly jarred and I hurt just about everywhere, although to my amazement my foot looked intact.  Due to the slippery slippers, I could not get up and had to drag myself along the soaking floor and back inside.  Once in the door, I lay on the floor in shock for about a minute or two and then knew what I had to do.  I went for my BE products.  I dried myself off and then absolutely lathered BE Sport over any areas which were painful, or I knew for sure would be bruised — the drug I take for my arthritis (methotrexate) makes me bruise very easily as my skin is now paper thin.  I then added BE Calm on any areas left (not many!) and put myself to bed with a hot water bottle, ruefully thinking (a) how lucky I was not to have broken anything, or worse and (b) how seriously black and blue I would be the next day.  Well guess what.  Though sore and shaken the next morning there was not a mark on me  – anywhere.  I waited with trepidation over the next few days for the bruises and damage to appear and there was nothing at all.  I really don’t know how I would have coped on that awful night without the BE products.” Patricia Walters