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A Customer Poem

Posted on: April 29th, 2019

I’ll tell you all my story

In hope that you will see

The therapeutic benefits

Obtained from using BE


I always knew that nature

Held secrets yet untold

Abound with ageless remedies

Passed down from days of old


The smell of grandma’s lavender

And homegrown herbal Tea

Were just a part of childhood

Familiar to me


But in this mad and busy world

I somehow just forgot

And opted for commercial brands

Seen advertised a lot


I just assumed they did their job

With nothing to compare

Until a friend suggested

I purchase BE Aware


She knew that I was studying

And always under stress

And felt that natural remedies

Would help sort out the mess


The Basil & the Rosemary

Would stimulate my brain

And help me both to concentrate

With data to retain


I passed my course and topped the state

Diploma truly earned

But felt that in another sense

That something else I’d learned


It helped me to remember

Those things I always knew

And as I used your products more

My optimism grew


Returning back to basics

Instilled an inner calm

Without the use of chemicals

That cause us so much harm


I carried on with busy life

3 Children now in tow

But there was something sinister

That I was yet to know


My health was on a downward run

I felt a proper mess

And after weeks of testing

They said I had MS


I found it hard to grasp at first

Not sure which way to turn

But knew there must be something more

From nature I could learn


I studied all the different oils

And properties they hold

And read the testimonials

That people often told


I found that through my illness

Although I often grieved

I gained enormous benefit

From using BE Relieved


The Marjoram & Lavender

They calmed and helped me rest

While Petitgrain & Rosemary

For nerves they were the best


Neroli & Sweet Orange oil

Bergamot were sure

To rid me of anxiety

With sleepless nights no more


My friends they all passed comment

Of change they saw in me

And all the credit given

Just comes from using BE


So many now converted

They’re numbers, I’ve lost count

And further testimonials

Continue now to mount


I sense a certain shifting

From all those modern ways

And getting back to basic things

Like in those early days


So overall the question is…..??

To BE or not to BE

If my recount is not enough

Just try them and you’ll see


Like many more before you

Who’ve put it to the test

You’ll prove that these essential oils

Are truly just the best!


Thank You Cheryl Gilbert for You & BE!