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Our Competition Winners

Posted on: September 24th, 2019

“My daughter has used Balanced Essentials products for years and kept nagging us to try them…we did try them and do use them often.  I’ve justy had major orthopoedic surgery and the BE Calm in particular has been a godsend to relax me and help me sleep through the pain at night and also helps with the symptoms of depression.  Wonderful products, highly recommend.” Iris Mazurik


“I have been an avid user of BE Relieved for more than 10 years, after first seeing it on TVSN. I first purchased it with the hope of getting some relief from chronic pain in my right hip. Having been born with Perthes disease which is when the bone and cartilage of the ball joint does not harden and if not detected young leaves to joint deformity and a great deal of pain in later years. BE Relieved became my relief at night when even the strong painkillers I took did not work. Without fail I was unable to sleep each night because of the awful bone deep ache, so would reach for my magical blue bottle of BE Relieved (an item that has never not been on my bedside table since the beginning) and would rub a little on to my hip and be asleep in ten minutes without a miss. When I finally had my hip replacement BE Relieved became the first thing I reached for to ease the pain of my scar and now that I have two bad knees, partly due to the incorrect walking I did with the bad hip, BE Relieved has become my saviour again. It is great because for me at night it gives instant relief and helps me sleep where a lot of pain medications keep me awake. I simply love this product and have purchased it as gifts for both family and friends. The lovely smell beats Dencorub any day. And most of all it works! If I have a migraine I use it on my forehead and the pain is “relieved” within minutes. I have recently strained my arm and BE Relieved has helped ease the ache here too. I truly cannot recommend this product enough. It is as integrated in my life as having my morning cup of tea or bruising my teeth. I simply cannot, will not, do without it. EVER! Thanks Cheryl for your wonderful products! It brought me much relief even in my darkest days. When all else fails it did not. It made a painful life bearable and now the two of us are inseparable. Yes I love my BE Relieved that much! It travels wherever I go and I cannot relax if I do not have a spare bottle at hand. Thanks again.”  Marianne Kresse


“I have used all 5 blends over a period of 20+ years.  After having a bad car accident 22 years ago I tried everything for pain until I saw Balanced Essentials on TVSN and I thought I have nothing to lose and so I used it.  I have never looked back this oil has been a life saver over the years for many things and I now use it daily for chronic arthritis.  I use the BE Calm for anxiety and more importantly I used to use the BE Calm on my elderly dogs when there were storms.  Hand on heart nothing calmed them down but the oil.  Thank you Cheryl and BE.”  Kim Hannell

“My mum has been using BE Calm and BE Uplifted for the past 7 years consistently. She calls these two blends her “miracle potions’.  Anyone who has a sore muscle, to undiagnosed aches and pains, to bumps gets mum’s special attention with these blends, on us the children and of course all the grandchildren.  And they do have incredible results from loosening muscles, reducing inflammation to feeling a lot calmer.  Not to mention bumps healing and disappearing much quicker than anything we have ever seen.  Not to mention the calming beautiful distinct smell, which we all recognise a mile away.  When mum was living abroad she either got them shipping from the company directly to her or got us to make special deliveries.  Thanks again for such a superior product – all three generations are hooked.”  Yours sincerely Revi and Stela Kadoury

“15 years of experience using Balanced Essentials.  BE Uplifted, lovely lemon scent I’ve used for years on my neck glands to stop colds and flu.  BE Calm, the hero blend for true anti-anxiety and relaxation, great to get to sleep.  BE Inspired, beautiful ylang ylang makes this my favourite in scent alone.  BE Vital, wonderful blends for the face.  BE Aware, the one blend I have yet to truly experience but will do so one day.  All 5 blends “essentials” needed for a “balanced” body, mind and soul.”  Felicity Cook

“Have used all these products for nearly 20 years and have complete faith in their effectiveness. BE Relieved is a super-hero, has repaired frozen shoulder, general aches and pains, allowed speedy surgery recovery, fixed ear issues and generally keeps us well.  I use it daily and gifted it to family and friends over the years who continue to benefit. Excellent for pets. BE Aware is incredible when focus and clear thinking is required and BE Inspired is amazing for deep breathing and sleep and is used daily. Have used BE Vital and BE Calm over the years with amazing benefits too. I cannot imagine my life without your quality oils and you must keep making them available.  An essential in our lives.”  Beryl Davies

“I love your whole range and have used them for as long as I can remember… 

Balanced Essentials’ blends are my faithful friends.

They heal, restore, make me happy and mend.

BE Relieved is my oil of choice

My wrist, my feet and my back rejoice.

When I apply to the areas that are screaming and sore

BE Relieved steps up and the pain is no more.

My dog and my dad all benefit as well,

Balanced Essentials we love you and think that you’re swell.”  Cherylyn Ireland

“My daughter and I have just been introduced to your wonderful BE Relieved oil and we are amazed at the lasting effectiveness. My husband has recently died and I am devastated so I need all the help I can get. I am 88 years of age and have a property of 120 acres to maintain. My daughter and granddaughter are horsey so also have a few aches and pains. I have just ordered two bottles for each of us so we have great faith in your product. Thank you for your product I am really looking forward to trying your other products.”  Patricia Jarrett


“Dear Cheryl. I have been using BE Relieved for some years now, and I also started using BE Calm in the last twelve months. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of this year, and whilst awaiting surgery in July, I kept using BE Calm every night on my forehead and on the bottom of my feet, and it was the only thing that helped my sleep at night. I am now seven weeks post surgery (bilateral mastectomy), and since my discharge from hospital I kept using BE Relieved every night on my painful arms and shouders. This gave me so much relief and really helped my with getting full range movement in my arms, as I used it several times a day, just before and after I do my arm exercises. Thank you for your amazing products. Kind regards.”  Jenny Johnson

“Love your products.

# 1 – BE Relieved, it works as an amazing pain relief.

# 2 – BE Sport, is so good for those sore muscles.

# 3 – BE Lite, best thing for fluid retention and stretchmarks in pregnancy. I doubled up the oil and the lotion.

# 4 – BE Uplifted, I love this one. It smells amazing. I always get comments on my perfume when I wear it.

All of your products are high quality and really do work. I think I may have an addiction to your products.  I started using them back when you were first on TVSN. My dogs also love BE Relieved. When my poor dog has tummy upsets and also strained her leg she loved it. Our dog that had neck trouble would tap the bottle to get more when she needed it.”  Kath Wils.