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BE EMPOWERED Mineral Water 100mL Zoom

BE EMPOWERED Mineral Water 100mL

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BE Empowered Silver/Gold Mineral Water 100mL - 10ppm HVAC

Combining the properties of these two colloidals, BE EMPOWERED Colloidal Mineral Water is a 50/50 blend of Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold for those who wish to use both solutions as one remedy.

Taken together, Colloidal Silver and Gold tend to augment and enhance the qualities and benefits of each other.

BE EMPOWERED can also be taken internally or used externally.



Ingredients: BE Empowered Silver/Gold Mineral Water 10ppm HVAC


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Size 100mL
Product Code BE0077
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  1. Had a urinary tract infection Review by Margaret Kentwell

    I have had a urinary tract infection for four years and I have been on antibiotics for that length of time until Cheryl told me about BE Empowered and I have not got the infection while I’m on the BE Empowered. I have not had any antibiotics for about 1 year, thank you Cheryl.

    Also my body is full of Osteo-Arthritis since I have used BE Sport I had no pain no drugs for about 3 years, wonderful, I see other people in so much pain thank you Cheryl. I have a bad leg, it swells, the arch of my foot is so sore and the nerves are dying in my feet because of my Diabetes, the pain is terrible and the muscle spasms are horrific. I don’t know what is in the BE Lite Intensive firming & toning but there is no pain, no spasms, no drugs. (Posted on 19/07/13)

  2. BE Sensual & BE Empowered regularly Review by Janet Hinchey

    My husband and I have been using BE products for approximately 12 months (as my sister told me about them quite a while ago as she is a fan of them as well). We both find the products do what they say. I absolutely love BE Sensual, especially before I go to bed at night and I have also used it as a moisturiser. I have also found that it has started to make the red blotches on my neck disappear.

    I must admit I was always cautious about using anything that says 'try this, it works' as most of the time it never did but I have found the BE line of products actually do work. I have a form of Lupus (blood disorder) and I have been taking BE Empowered regularly as I was constantly getting pins and needles in my fingers. I have noticed they only come very rarely since I have been using this.

    Also, do you have any so-called 'beauty salons' that use your products for massage therapy? If so, I would love to know where they are (we live in North Strathfield). You have wonderful products that actually work and we will be using them as long as you keep producing them. (Posted on 19/07/13)

  3. Gift to me BE Empowered Review by Stanka Vendgust (and Martin)

    I have to thank you for your gift to me (BE EMPOWERED) – the colloidal mineral water. I started taking 5 ml a day – after one week a miracle happened. My mouth ulcers have decreased 50%! To day I am free of mouth ulcers (I had them for 3 years.)

    You, dear Cheryl, give me a miracle in the bottle and I thank you from my heart and mouth! After Easter I will call and order more of your “miracles.” (We will not be home over Easter.) Thank you for your time with us and a special “thank you” to your husband, for driving us and giving us his time. Your devoted customer. (Posted on 19/07/13)

  4. The colloidal seemed to have a detox effect Review by Elizabeth

    As I have mentioned before I suffer from an auto-immune disease a very rare condition called Dermatomyositis. I also have lupus and other associated conditions, so I have been taking a capful of BE Empowered morning & night. After being on a neverending course of antibiotics for pneumonia I have actually managed to avoid going back to the doctor for more. The rash on my body has also cleared I deliberately did not look up any info on colloidals but decided to wait and listen to my body. I had no reservations about the integrity of the product as I have been a BE devotee for many years. The colloidal seemed to have a detox effect. One morning I woke with a raging sore throat which disappeared as soon as I gargled with the colloidal. So I am including an order to try the gold and silver separately. (Posted on 19/07/13)


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